2022 Creative Blue Flame Lighter Dolphin Dragon Tiger Double Fire Metal Windproof Lighter Inflatable Lighter

€19,99 €29,99

This creative lighter is a must-have for your collection. The double flame design: just press the switch to go directly into the blue fire and it will come out, release the switch and the flame becomes an open flame. This amazing double flame windproof lighter features double dragon heads with a crocodile's mouth. It is about 1.6 oz, large enough for you to use. Portable, stylish and practical!

Product Features:

Double flame design:wind-proof direct jet blue fire-Open the head cover, press the switch to directly hit the flame, and the fire will be fierce and windproof. Switch to open flame- Press the ignition switch to go straight into the blue flame and it will come out, release the switch and the flame becomes an open flame

Windproof Design, very practical and Portable, about 1.6 oz, H 2.87 inch x W 1.29 inch

Novelty design, it's just like a dragon lying on your lighter and keeping guard your lighter, when you want to use it, the flame comes out from the crocodile mouth, very interesting. 

Product Specifications:

Material: Metal
Type of lighter oil: butane
Color: Black Scrub-Crocodile bk-872, Gold Scrub-Crocodile bk-872, Blue Scrub-Crocodile bk-872, Black Scrub-Dolphin bk-872, Gold Scrub-Dolphin bk-872, Blue Scrub-Dolphin bk-872,

Packing list:

Lighter*1 (without gas)

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