Instant Stain Remover for Clothes

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Product Features:

- Effortlessly Remove Any Type Of Stain It may be used to remove stains from food, cosmetics, beverages (coffee, tea, wine, milk, cola, etc. ), ketchup, and oil stains, among other things. It is useful and simple to use. 

- The commercial-grade product is safe to use around children and pets. Its super-fast action removes stains from clothing, bibs, carpets, and cars and furniture upholstery in seconds.

- This stain remover was created specifically to cope with a wide range of stains. It's soft on the skin, has no corrosive impact on the fabric, won't harm your fabric, and won't change the wonderful color of your garments.

- A multi-purpose bottle saves water, work, and money. Cotton, linen, polyester, mixed fabric, denim, down jackets, and other fabrics are appropriate.


Product capacity: 50ml
Product packaging: separate plastic packaging
Packing size: 3.7*10.2cm
Product size: 3.5*10cm
Packing material: PE
Gross weight: about 45g

Package Content:

1 x Cleaner

Customer Reviews

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Kate Adams
Very handy product

This stain remover is very handy especially when you are travelling and I always keep a bottle in my bag.

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