Kids Pod Hanging Swing Seat Hammock

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This children's hammock chair is constructed entirely of high-quality cotton and hangs from the ceiling like a cocoon. It comes with an inflated and detachable PVC cushion that can be folded when not in use, saving a lot of space in your kids' room. You can even use your couch cushion or pillow instead of it. The children's hanging chair can support up to 100 pounds and is appropriate for youngsters aged 2 and up. 


- Our Kids Pod Swing Seat is both fun and sensory. It will provide children with a calm and warm area to play, as well as a sense of safety, while also providing soothing sensations that can help them regulate sensory and relax.
- Comfortable- The 100 percent cotton-canvas material is soft, warm, and breathable, making the kid's hammock chair a pleasant place to read, watch TV, or listen to music. It's an excellent option for sensory swing.

- High Quality & Safe- The sensory swing's design includes reinforced nylon edgings and double stitching for added safety, as well as a soft PVC air cushion that eliminates the risk of mold. The swing can hold up to 100 pounds and can be pulled down and stowed at any moment to free up space.
- Our kids' pod swing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you want to hang it from your ceiling or from a tree, it'll look great. Furthermore, it would be a wonderful addition to a child's room, particularly as a reading corner.

- Easy To Install And Use- This kids' swing is simple to hang and comes with all necessary hardware. Unlike others, we supply an adjustable nylon belt as well as two types of screws: concrete expansion bolts and wooden screws.


Material: Cotton
Function: Swing
Color: green rose red

Package Content:

1pc Cloth case

1pc inflatable PVC cushion

1pc stainless hook

1pc nylon strap

1pc ceiling nut

WARNING: Failure to follow these instructions and cautions might result in serious injury or product damage

1. loading capacity 100 lbs

2. Suitable for children above 2 years of age.

3. Please hang the chair on the stable reliance

4. children must be accompanied by adults when in use


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