Four-wheeled Skateboard

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 Four-wheeled Skateboard

  • Suitable for beginners and beginners skateboard, can release your nature.
  • Good gifts for skateboard lovers and professional skateboard lovers can add more fun to your life.
  • Strong board surface, strong grade A maple wood board, strong, safe, and impact-resistant, strong and unbreakable. The sides are rounded and fine, the stripes are clear, the lines are smooth, and the pressure and impact resistance.
  • Three-dimensional concave double rocker type, playability, controllability, anti-skid emery board surface, strong anti-skid property.
  • High-elasticity PU shock-absorbing ring, high-elasticity PU perforated shock-absorbing ring, glide, turn-around turning comfort.
  • High-elastic 95A suspension ring, high wear resistance, fast reset, make taxiing, turning and turning have better comfort and fluency, and at the same time avoid the damage to the ankle caused by sliding.
  • Reinforced aluminum-magnesium alloy bracket, new design, stronger support, higher grade and safer.
  • Chrome steel high-speed silent bearing, 1 wheel and 2 bearings, high strength and wear resistance, low noise and smooth.
  • Printed by thermal transfer process, with bright colors, anti-shedding and anti-fading.


  • Name: Four Wheel Skateboard
  • Material: Grade A maple wood, aluminum, steel, PU
  • Applicable age: children or adults over 120cm tall
  • Product size: 80x20x10cm

Package Includes:

  • 1x Skateboard
  • 1x Skateboard bag


  • The size is measured at the farthest distance between the two ends, and the measurement method and tool will have slight errors.
  • Board surface: Try not to hit the wall as much as possible, and do not allow water to enter. If the board surface touches water, please wipe it in time.
  • Sandpaper: skateboarding feet with mud on the board, dry with a damp cloth.
  • Bearing: Try not to touch the water. If you hear the sound of metal friction, there is generally no oil. It can be solved by dripping lubricating oil.
  • It is recommended that beginners disassemble and adjust the skateboard more, so that they will understand the skateboard more thoroughly and make the skateboard more compatible with your movements.


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