Outdoor Tactical Fingerless Gloves

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Product Features:

1. This item is constructed of microfiber fabric with ventilated holes on the fingers and a water-resistant nylon wristband.
2. In sports and activities that need both protection and dexterity, protect your hands from abrasion and itching.
3. Tactical gloves, work gloves, motorcycle gloves, camping, hunting, shooting, and other outdoor gloves with reinforced palms, knuckle cushioning, and double stitching.
4. Achieved with breathable fabrics and a smart vent design that reduces hand sweating and makes it pleasant to wear in both hot and moderately cold temperatures. With anti-skid gridding and a dual-layer synthetic leather palm.

5. It's difficult to let go of anything that perfectly matches your employment needs.
6. On the sunken road, the innovative palm rest cushion efficiently absorbs impact and prevents swelling. Reduce the risk of beating by relieving palm fatigue.


Material: Nylon
Processing method: frosted
Style: Half-finger gloves
Color: green, black, khaki
Pattern: single color
Size: M, X, XL

Package Content:

1 x Pair of gloves

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