Undergarments' Storage Compartment Box

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This storage compartment box is the perfect solution to your messy underwear drawer!
You'll never again risk losing your undies in the storage compartment of your cupboard! It will keep them sorted and its clear design will show you all of your underwear at a glance. The sturdy fabric design is very durable and it will last you for years!


  • High-quality fabric: The closet storage box set is made of high-quality fabric, fine mesh, fine workmanship, soft seams, and durability.

  • Strong practicability: The set has 3 kinds of closet storage boxes, which are very suitable for all daily underwear, and the set can be washed without odor.

  • Exquisite appearance: the appearance of the closet storage box set is exquisite and practical.

  • Improved kit: The internal grid has been changed and widened, the capacity has been improved, the three-dimensional structure of the kit is straight, can be used independently without deformation.

  • Wide range of uses: The machine has a storage compartment, which can be used to store underwear and socks, neat and clean.


Material: nylon material

Standard: 6 grids, 7 grids, 11 grids


  • Bra box: 12.5*12.5*4.7 inch
  • Underpants box: 4.7*12.5*4.7 inch
  • Sock box: 4.7*12.5*4.7 inch


  • 6 compartments for bra storage: at least store 6 pieces.
  • 7 compartments for underpants' storage: 14 weeks of underwear can be stored, increased inside the rack to increase capacity.
  • 11 compartments for sock storage: 22 pairs of socks can be stored, and winter socks can also be placed.

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